Open Bar with the Derbies and Chattertocks! First Happy Hour of the Year

Still high off the tunes from the "Great American Sing-off"?

Can't wait for the next season of American Idol?  Join fellow Brown alums as the Brown Club of New York brings the Brown Derbies and the Chattertocks to JT's Southern Hospitality for a one-night only blow-out. 

Join us for an hour of open bar (7pm - 8pm, included with ticket purchase), catch up with friends, grab some BBQ, and even hit the Beer Pong table.  Capacity is limited and will sell-out; please purchase tickets in advance.

Southern Hospitality
Jan 25, 2010
1460 2nd Ave, between 77th and 78th Street
Open bar from 7-8 pm
Performance from 7-9 pm