Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Brown Club?

The Brown Club does not have its own space. This means we do not offer our own accommodations in the city. For special events and Board Meetings we share space with the Cornell Club. Brown graduates have the option to become affiliate members of the Cornell Club. For more information call the Cornell Club at 212.692.1386 or visit their website at

Who can become a Brown Club member?

Membership in the Brown Club in New York is open to all graduates of the University and their Parents.

What do I get as a Brown Club member?

By joining the Brown Club in NY, you will receive access to special members-only events and discounts on all other events. You can also choose to receive emails letting you know about our upcoming events. Join now!

If I am a member of the Brown Club, am I also a member of the Cornell Club?

No, membership in the Brown Club and the Cornell Club are separate. Occasionally, we have offered discounts and special opportunities to join both clubs at discounted prices, but membership in one club is not reciprocal with membership in the other. Dues, charges, and privileges are separate. While we are separate organizations the Brown Club endorses the Cornell Club as a great resource for Alums to enjoy.

How do I join the Cornell Club?

Brown Club members can join the Cornell Club of New York and enjoy all the facility has to offer right in midtown Manhattan. The Club is located on 44th Street at 5th Avenue and includes a great restaurant, gym, hotel rooms and meeting facilities. Visit to learn more about the facility and to join online!


If you have an idea for an event or a venue, please email