See what your fellow Brown alumni have been up to!

Enjoy short presentations by recent and not-so-recent Brown graduates at our casual classroom-style hour long meetup. We'd love to have you!

Welcome to the first official NYC Brown Alumni Meetup!

The NYC Brown Alumni Meetup is a monthly gathering of alumni from all backgrounds and classes featuring several short (5 minute) and long form (15 minute) alumni presentations about living, working, and thriving after Brown.

We hope to provide a convenient opportunity to touch base with the broader community with time before and after the event set aside for chatting and making new connections. In particular, we hope to foster a dialog between recent graduates and more established members of our community.

Our common aim is to help one another pursue and achieve success, rooting our dialog in the experiences we shared at Brown University as we grow toward new opportunities here in Manhattan. As such, anyone and everyone from our community may apply to present.


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Date: Thursday, March 25


Center for Arts Education
225 West 34th Street, Suite 1112

(Across the street from Penn station)

Google map of venue:

Organized by: Brandon Diamond '08 and the Brown University Club in New York

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 *2009 graduates qualify for a free one-year membership.