Elections for Board Membership Positions 2014-2015

Seeking to get involved in The Brown Club in New York? Anytime is great – but how about joining us next week, on Monday May 5, at The Cornell Club (6 East 44th Street) for our annual elections? Check the bulletin board as you walk in for the room location!

Joining the Brown Club Executive Board is a great opportunity to network professionally and socially, build career and life skills, and add a gold star to your résumé! Any Brown graduate who lives in New York City can join any committee as a member, no election required. All elected positions are for one year and anyone can run (except for co-President, which requires a 2-year commitment and the candidate must be a current Board member).

Board members are expected to attend most or all of the 11-12 annual Board meetings and assist with events, even those events that are not generated by their own committee. Chairs of events committees are expected to throw at least one large and one smaller event every year.

The Brown Club Board is primarily an event producing body and most of our committee chairs' activities are in that realm. Event producing typically requires taking an idea for an event and then contacting speakers or other attractions, contacting and then negotiating with venues and food and drink vendors, organizing any other services required, communicating with the Marketing Chair regarding event details for marketing, handling communication with attendees, arranging event day details, organizing volunteers, etc. All events require Board approval and then the approval of the Co-Presidents and Treasurer of an Event Form listing the planned expenditures, anticipated attendance and break-even figure, as well as initial marketing copy and plan. Events may be planned by anyone on the board, not just the committee chairs.

Where: The Cornell Club, 6 East 44th Street

When: Monday, May 5, 7 p.m. sharp (until 8:30 p.m.)

What: Brown Club in NY Board Elections


For more information, contact president@brownnyc.org.


Here is a list of positions and their responsibilities:


Co-President - Year 2

This role will be held by Karen Berlin Ishii, currently Co-President - Year 1.           

Co-President - Year 1

Anyone who has been a member of The Brown Club Board for one year or longer is eligible to run for this 2-year position.


The two Co-Presidents share responsibility for leading the club, making sure that the club is offering varied events serving the range of alumni in a fiscally responsible way. Co-President Year 2 shares financial duties with the Treasurer, holding the club credit card and checkbook. The Co-Presidents convene and conduct meetings, supervise and coordinate activities of the organization, and serve as liaisons with the Office of Alumni Relations.

Treasurer (1)           

The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring the assets of the club, handling financial transactions, keeping financial records, filing the club’s annual tax return, and reporting regularly to the board. Financial reports should be given at every board meeting, including post-event financial summaries for all club events. The Treasurer shares with the Co-Presidents responsibility for approving Event Forms for club events, making sure that every event is financially viable.

Vice President (1)

The Vice President oversees all marketing and outreach, including affiliate promotions and performs special tasks for the Club at the request of the two Co-Presidents, such as writing program funding applications, drafting club correspondence, reviewing Event Forms, and helping to vette or improve prospective events to ensure financial viability. Working closely with the Webmaster, Marketing Chair, and Sponsorship Chairs, the VP helps make sure one brand personality for the Brown Club in NY is communicated across all platforms to all constituents, sponsors, and affiliates. At the request of the Co-Presidents, the VP pinch hits on events – including throwing events – to fill in for Event Planners when necessary.

Secretary (1)                       

The Secretary keeps minutes of the meetings, handles correspondence as requested by the Co-Presidents, picks up the mail from our Grand Central Terminal mailbox, responds to voicemail, and files the minutes and agendas online in a timely , organized manner, within two weeks of each meeting. The secretary needs to be able to come to all meetings, ready to take minutes from the very start of the meeting till the end. (The Brown Club generally meets the first Monday of every month, 7-8:30 pm at The Cornell Club in midtown NYC.)         

Career & Networking Committee Co-Chair (2)

The Career Chairs are responsible for organizing and executing at least two career-focused and networking events per year.

Cultural Events Committee Co-Chair (2)

The Cultural Events Chairs are responsible for organizing and executing at least two events with a cultural focus per year.

Social Events Committee Co-Chair (2)           

The Social Events Chairs are responsible for organizing and executing social events. One of these events is the Fall Kickoff, The Brown Club's annual keystone event that typically attracts at least two hundred alumni. Social Events Chairs need to commit to planning this event months ahead of time.

Non-Profit Committee Co-Chair (2)

The Non-Profit Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing and executing events with a focus on community service and non-profit organizations. It is expected that the Non-Profit Chairs will plan two events per year.

Young Alumni Committee Chair (1)

The Young Alumni Chair is responsible for organizing events targeted to alumni ten years out or younger.

Affinity Committee Chair (1)

The Affinity Chair is responsible for organizing and executing the annual Unity event for which the university grants funding, or using that funding for additional events. This position liases The Brown Club with the various affinity groups and optimally serves to connect all and plan events which involve one or more of these groups

Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair (2)

The Sponsorship Chairs are responsible for obtaining, negotiating and promoting the club’s sponsorships with third parties. Theywork closely with our Marketing Chair and Social Media Chairs to optimize the value of our sponsorships.

Membership Chair (1)

The Membership Chair keeps a record of current membership, manages the membership acquisition and renewal process, and helps devise ways to increase membership and participation in the organization’s activities, liasing closely with the co-Presidents, Marketing and Sponsorship chairs, especially.

Marketing Chair (1)

The Marketing Chair writes all news blasts for the club, overseeing and maintaining a rigorous blasting schedule, which can range from bi-monthly to weekly, depending on event calendar. S/he adjusts marketing campaigns to help ensure that each event will sell out, reviews and edits website copy, and liases with Web Master, Event Planners, and Vice President. S/he coordinates with Social Media co-Chairs to ensure consistent and comprehensive media and marketing outreach.                                                                        

Social Media Committee Co-Chair (2)

The Social Media Chairs are responsible for building and enhancing The Brown Club's social media presence. Currently, that is through our Facebook page, the website, LinkedIn group, Yahoo groups and Twitter. Shooting photos and video at events (or organizing that task), regularly posting photos and updates online, coordinating with our Marketing Chair, and otherwise creatively promoting our club through social media on a consistent, ongoing basis is the mission.

Webmaster (1)

The Webmaster is responsible for the day to day operations of The Brown Club's website, troubleshooting problems 24/7, creating landing pages and ticket sales pages for all our events, creating notices and landing pages for affiliate and co-sponsored events, coordinating closely with all event producers, the co-Presidents and the Marketing Chair on all activities. The Webmaster is a very key position in The Brown Club and does require a strong commitment, especially as an event is being listed.

Development Chair (1)

The Development Chair is an honorary position for the outgoing co-President, which may be used as a platform for assisting the current co-Presidents and Treasurer in their duties on request, taking advantage of the former co-President's experience and knowledge of the club.