Online Event Series: Education at Home During the Pandemic (and beyond)

Three Zoom Events for Parents of Different Age Groups (1) PRIMARY-MIDDLE SCHOOL, (2) PRE-SCHOOL & EARLY PRIMARY and (3) HIGH SCHOOL


Stuck at home with the kids? Everyone fed up with video school and the educational disruption of the pandemic? The Brown Club in NY is ready with experts to help! Join us for any or all of our "Family Life in the Pandemic: Interactive Series for Parents" including a 3-part online series on education in the home. Our experts will share smart advice, tips and tools for parents to engage students and enhance the home learning experience for both parents and children. Submit your questions in advance and on-the-spot for our experts to answer!

Part 1 - Thursday, May 14 @ 7pm

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Part 2 - Thursday, May 14 @ 8:30pm

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Part 3 - Saturday, May 16 @10am

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(1) For parents of primary through middle school-age children -- Thursday, May 14: 7-7:45 pm:

NPR Education Correspondent Anya Kamenetz will join Dr. Denise Pope of Stanford University's Graduate School of Education in conversation with a focus on how to keep studies engaging for students and how families can make this time at home more meaningful and home-based learning more effective for their children.

denise-popeDenise Pope, Ph.D. is a Senior Lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, specializing in student engagement and other areas, and is the founder of Challenge Success. Her book “Doing School”: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic, and Miseducated Students" was named Notable Book in Education by the Am. School Board Journal. Dr. Pope lectures nationally on parenting techniques and strategies to increase student health, engagement with learning, and integrity. She is a 3-time recipient of the Stanford Univ. School of Education Outstanding Teacher and Mentor Award. Denise lives in Los Altos, CA with her husband and children. Denise is also a proud Brown University parent. Stanford University profile,


anya-kamenetzAnya Kamenetz is an education correspondent for NPR. Her team’s blog is at Previously, she covered technology, innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship for five years as a staff writer for Fast Company magazine. Anya has contributed to many major publications and has won multiple National Awards from the Education Writers Association. She is the author of several books on education, including "The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life." A graduate of Yale University, Anya lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters., NPR profile


(2) For parents of pre-school and early primary school-age children -- Thursday, May 14: 8:30-9:15 pm:

Megina BakerDr. Megina Baker of Boston University's Wheelock College of Education and Human Development, a parent of two young children herself, is an expert in play and inquiry-based learning. In her seminar, she will offer smart advice and actionable ideas for parents juggling the challenges of teaching and parenting young children at home.

Megina Baker, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in the Early Childhood Education program at Boston University's Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. A graduate of Tufts and Cornell with a Ph.D. from Boston College, she has taught preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten for over ten years. Megina collaborated in writing the integrated, play-based Focus on K2 curriculum for the Boston Public Schools kindergarten programs, now being used across Boston and beyond. She is a co-author of "Children at the Center: Transforming Early Childhood Education in the Boston Public Schools." Boston University profile


(3) For parents of high school students: Test prep for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams -- Saturday, May 16: 10-10:45 am:

High school students studying for AP exams, SAT Subject Tests and the SAT and ACT have had their studies upended, as tests have been rescheduled – then cancelled – and even the College Board and ACT have not figured out upcoming test dates or formats. High school juniors have been particularly affected, while sophomores who are taking AP courses and planning their SAT and ACT studies are also wondering what comes next and how to prepare for it.

karen-berlin-ishiiKaren Berlin Ishii, a master tutor for the SAT and ACT, will update parents with the latest on the tests and give parents advice on scheduling and creating timetables for prep, with tips and resources for their students to help them adjust to this year's unprecedented changes.

Karen Berlin Ishii, a Brown alumna with over 20 years’ teaching experience, specializes in individualized prep for the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, SAT, ACT and other admissions exams. She has taught for The Princeton Review and headed Boston Academic Tutors, creating courses for The British School in Boston, among others. She edits Barron's prep books for the ISEE and SSAT and is a faculty member at Summer@Brown, where she conducts SAT and ACT workshops.


If you have questions you are thinking of already, please send them to us in advance, so our experts can use them to guide their presentations. Please send your questions to Karen Berlin Ishii at, indicating for which presentation they are intended.

Presenters subject to change without notice.


Stay tuned for info on an additional event in our "Family Life in the Pandemic: Interactive Series for Parents," about Parenting in the Pandemic.


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