Pandemic Parenting In Transition

Skills and strategies with learning specialist and educational therapist Katharine Hill ‘99, MAT ‘01

Home and Education for the Pandemic: Kate Hill

Moms. Dads. Grandparents. Guardians. Aunties. Uncles. Everyone with a child you love. What a year! You’re exhausted. So are your children. It is getting better, but... questions – many questions!

The Brown Club in New York invites you to join as learning specialist and educational therapist Katharine Hill ‘99, MAT ‘01 discusses ways to help our kids - and ourselves - adjust expectations and build or break habits as we move out of this phase of the pandemic and onto the next new normal.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021
7:00pm – 8:00pm
via Zoom


Part one of our interactive online event: Home and Education for the Pandemic.

Kate is in conversation with classmate Michelle Walson Kuyendall ‘99, whose content creator career includes coaching people on how to tell their stories. Some topics they will tackle:

  • Parenting practices that support positive executive functioning, like organization and time management, in school-aged kids and teens.
  • How understanding kids’ neural development helps reduce friction and build resilience
  • Adjusting screen-time habits

kate-hillKatharine Hill ‘99, MAT ‘01 is a learning specialist and parent educator in private practice at UpNextNYC in Brooklyn, New York. Early in the Covid-19 crisis, Kate made a huge splash with an impactful piece in the New York Times: "How to Home School During Coronavirus," helping overwhelmed parents manage school days from home. An accredited educational therapist, their work has also been featured in WNYC, Medium, and other publications.

Focusing on executive function, writing coaching, and academic support for people with learning disabilities or medical needs, Kate’s work with families centers on anticipatory parenting, an approach they developed.

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michelle_walsonMichele Walson ‘99 is a writer/director with a passion for developing stories for screen, stage and print. With multiple award winning shorts, feature film screenplays and TV pilots, Michelle is the founding producer of the popular storytelling show and podcast, RISK!, where she developed stories with SNL’s Rachel Dratch, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron and more.

Her many entertainment credits include editing Michael Showalter’s memoir, MR. FUNNY PANTS, teaching at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and she has directed solo shows for festivals around the country.

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