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Hats Off! 2017 Kick-Off party
PIctures from the photo booth
Created by: JessieGlass on 10/07/2017, Last modified by JessieGlass on 10/07/2017.   Contains 102 total images.
Artisanal Cheese and Wine
The class will consist of a carefully curated combination of artisan cheeses and wines, as well as full discussions of where cheeses and wines come from, how they are made, and their history. This session will also focus on pairing principles and new com
Created by: Henry on 02/11/2016, Last modified by Henry on 02/11/2016.   Contains 9 total images.
Art and Antiques
International Fine Arts Show at Park Avenue Armory with Swifty's Cafe
Created by: Henry on 10/29/2014, Last modified by Henry on 10/29/2014.   Contains 26 total images.
El Museo del Barrio
Photos from August 28th featuring a special gallery talk with legendary artist Manny Vega entitled "Artists Talk Santos in the City: Manny Vega"
Created by: Henry on 09/12/2013, Last modified by Henry on 09/12/2013.   Contains 6 total images.
Whitney Museum Tour
Edward Hopper exhibit shown by curator
Created by: Henry on 07/29/2013, Last modified by Henry on 07/30/2013.   Contains 5 total images.
Boat Basin Party
Brown, Duke, No Princeton at the 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe.
Created by: Henry on 07/10/2013, Last modified by Henry on 07/10/2013.   Contains 12 total images.
10th Brown Film Festival
May 30, 2013 Brown Annual Film Festival
Created by: Henry on 06/03/2013, Last modified by Henry on 06/16/2013.   Contains 6 total images.
Smuggler Nation Talk (Andreas)
Professor Andreas discusses his book, Smuggler Nation.
Created by: Henry on 06/12/2013, Last modified by Henry on 06/13/2013.   Contains 9 total images.
Fall Bash 2012
Created by: Henry on 12/04/2012, Last modified by Henry on 12/04/2012.   Contains 4 total images.
Stone Park Cafe Fall Wine Event
Scenes from the degustation.
Created by: Henry on 11/29/2012, Last modified by Henry on 11/29/2012.   Contains 5 total images.
Fat Envelope
College guidance experts panel.
Created by: Henry on 09/15/2010, Last modified by Henry on 09/16/2010.   Contains 6 total images.
biography pictures
Created by: Henry on 01/24/2010, Last modified by Henry on 06/27/2010.   Contains 15 total images.
Members Appreciation Day
Click here to see photos at Block Photography
Created by: Henry on 05/28/2010, Last modified by Henry on 05/28/2010.   Contains 1 total images.
Fall Bash
KickOff 2009
Created by: Henry on 10/26/2009, Last modified by Henry on 10/26/2009.   Contains 50 total images.

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